Fairs y Exhibitions

We have 3 halls that adapt perfectly to your requirements:

  • Hall A has capacity for 4,000 persons, which facilitates the development of large exhibitions.
  • Hall B can accommodate up to 600 people and is perfect for smaller exhibitions, or to complement the space of Halls A and C.
  • Hall C can accommodate 1400 people.

Since our inception, we have hosted more than one hundred national and international fairs, from various economic sectors, to mention some: Construction, agricultural, textile, technology, automotive, academic, among others.

With experience in the assembly of monothematic exhibitions, our exhibition islands are ideal for large-scale events.

Events such as concerts and bingos that imply a massive attendance, also find in the exhibition halls the ideal space. Because we have an approximately height of 9 meters, placements of lights, scenography, fabrics, and other necessary elements can easily be installed in this type of events.